Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rihanna shows off her incredible holiday wardrobe

Right now I couldn't be more jealous of Rihanna's holiday wardrobe. Not only does she look absolutely fab, but she pulls off even the 'natural look' so well!

She was snapped by the paps wearing this gorgeous swimsuit, £125 from Lisa Maree on her summer holiday in the Mediterranean. As soon as I saw these pictures it became my mission to find a lovely cut-out swimsuit but, of course, for a lot less money!

RiRi isn't the only one wearing these cut-out swimsuits, at the moment they are all the rage! Available in all different colours, cut-outs & patterns, so you won't be looking the same as anyone on the beach or by the pool. You may be thinking its a bit late in the year to get one but actually its probably the best time as they are being sold for a lot cheaper. So hurry, go and get that gorgeous swimsuit for your next summer holiday!

Here are some lovely ones i found, and for great prices too! (Click on the links to see)
ASOS red & navy fish
ASOS leaf tropical print

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  1. i love Rihanna,she's very beautiful!