Wednesday, 8 June 2011

5 Must Have Accessories!

Right now it's all about accessorises, you can't have the perfect outfit without the perfect accessories! Here is my top five 'must haves' for you to check out! Let me know what you think.
L x


Jewellery! Rings and bracelets are really in at the moment & the more the better. An outfit can really be brought to life with the right jewellery. Right now I am loving double finger rings as they really stand out and look great.


Bags! A girl can never have enough bags & yes it is true that we need one for pretty much every different occasion. The satchel style bag is the bag to have at the moment, it can come in so many different colours and styles co you can get away with wearing them for any occasion! The tan coloured satchel is my fave as I love the vintage look it sets off.

Shoes! Of course an outfit in incomplete without the perfect shoes & what better than brouges? Everyone is loving them right now and as they can come in so many colours, patterns and designs you not only will look uber trendy but original too! I must admit quite a few pairs as I think you can't go wrong them. I seriously reccommend you invest in some, oh & check out the heeled ones too. Hot!

Headbands! Floral headbands especially look great & look amazing with a natural wavy style hair do. They don't have to be big and bold, cute petite ones look lovely too. I feel they just give off that finishing touch to a great outfit.

Check out for some gorgeous headbands.


Sunglasses! Summer is finally arriving so it's time to whip out the sunnies. Big shades have been in for quite a while now so it's time to give the small ones their time to shine! Rounded, smaller sunglasses are really hot right now & if you don't have any it's time to hit the shops and get some as they are a huge must have this summer. They are available in so many colours and some even have fantastics patterns so you'll be spoilt for choice.


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